We provide substantial value and
prosperity to all clients, through
reliable financial and business

Our business ventures are managed
by dedicated professionals and rooted
in the most profitable sectors to seek
better returns for our clients


Koperasi Sejahtera Utama Indonesia (SUI) is a trusted financial service provider, focusing on private investment and wealth management. Helping institutions and individuals to succeed through prudent business undertakings, we strive to provide sustainable growth and values to our clients and business partners—enabling them to earn, seize opportunities and manage risk. Our innovative financial services offer faster and higher return with minimum risk.

Introducing personalized approach to every client and giving them the flexibility to invest on their preferred terms. Our growing reputation for reliability was established by an excellent track record in the industry. Each successful case became the building block of the company, organically growing and developing into the institution that we are today.


We have created nationwide capabilities to meet our clients’ investment needs. Our business ventures are rooted in the most profitable sectors, managed by dedicated professionals focusing on a single mission; to seek better returns for our clients.


One of our business ventures, Koperasi Serba Usaha TarunaMandiri, is running an established microfinance operation in the rural areas of Java. Providing safe, affordable access to capital at the grassroots level has changed the lives of millions. Our microfinance scheme is processed through utmost due diligence to ensure the safety of the fund distributed. Hence, resulting in a safe, faster and higher ROI to our investment.


The plastic manufacturing industry has been one of the least susceptible industries to economic downturns especially due to the expanding consumer class in Indonesia. We have been engaging a partnership and proven sustainable return on investment in this promising and yet growing industry.


Indonesia’s property sector represents the most lucrative investment prospect in the region. As one of our business ventures, our involvement in small affordable housing offers a secure investment with plenty of opportunities to make substantial gains from steady capital growth and regular monthly returns.


We work for our clients’s benefit. Our investment services cover financial consultation to assistance for legal and tax matters in relation to our products. our promise is to offer them insight about what to do with their money and the products that can help them achieve a better financial future.

We provide a wide range of investment
vehicles. From short to long term
deposits with guaranteed return. Our
innovative approach and intense focus
enable us to offer unconventional
products with high flexibility and
favorable terms for our client. We pride
ourselves for every successful account,
as it is the building block of our reputation
in the industry.


Unlike a conventional investment company, our microfinance operation and diverse business activities enable us to offer higher return on investment and flexibility for our clients.

1. Higher Return of Investment

Processed through our diverse business ventures with robust risk management strategy, we offer higher return
of investment compared to others within the industry.

2. Ease & Flexibility

We offer ease and flexbility in investing. Our team will provide dedicated assistance throughout the process,
and ensure that our client will get the most out of their investment.

3. Guaranteed by Law

As a financial institution, we act and operate in accordance to the law. Every client receives our utmost dedication,
and every investment they commit is to guaranteed by the law.
Koperasi Sejahtera Utama Indonesia

Ruko Puri Mansion
Blok C no. 38
Jl Lingkar Luar Barat
Jakarta Barat 11530
Phone +62 21 543 17 123
With SUI, you will experience first-hand the same commitment: to deliver excellence for our clients and to provide rewarding, stimulating careers for our people. Our teams are made up of individuals with passion, strong character, and people who enjoy what they do. We recognize the importance of continuously striving for excellence, but also the needs to maintain a healthy and friendly environment, humility, outstanding teamwork, and mutual respect.
If you are interested in taking up the opportunity of working with SUI, kindly send us your resume, with the latest evidence of academic performance (GPA transcript).
We prefer to receive applications by e-mail. Please send your inquiry to email : info@sui.capital. To process your application promptly, please indicate the email with subject: “SUI APPLICATION”.
We trust that the foregoing gives you some idea of our working environment and appreciate your interest in
our company.

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